Superposition of All Possibilities

     The topic of the research is the issue of awareness and information. I have researched the thoughts and theories of many philosophers and thinkers, but also physicists and scientists. Experiments and evidence have been conducted in the microworld, photon particles, and hypothesize that the same effect exists in our macroworld. This hypothesis opens a completely new perception of reality, the power of the individual and the collective in acting on matter and energy, in relation to his consciousness.
     My thoughts on such an understanding of the world in which different laws apply, the laws of awareness of the power of intention in anticipation of results, the role of light, frequency, vibration, I translated into visual language.
Consciousness observes all possibilities, I presented it as a human being, a woman (consciousness is feminine in my language), because the bearer of Consciousness in our dimension is a man.
     Witness, the interpreter is Zec, he holds the baton in his hand, he is the interpreter, he chooses the result. The rabbit symbolizes different performances in different cultures. I took into account all the symbolism, and presented it as a toy, because the discovery of a quantum physics scientist awakened in me the feeling that everything we live and do is a game, which we play consciously or not.
     Consciousness and the Rabbit are represented sculpturally in space, cast in polyester.
     The images-collages in this opus are games with my notions of reality, personal and collective. The rabbit is present as a witness to the information of that reality.
Images in which the rabbit is not present are fields-interferences of all thoughts, possibilities of some time space, some paradigm. There are words, letters, elements, symbols as carriers of some information and builders of the system.